The Wellness Club

by Evolution

“Are you ready to invest in your well-being? Let’s embark on this journey together.”

We aimed at providing a secure and nurturing space for individuals



The Wellness Club intends to:

  • To create awareness among teachers and students about the importance of mental well being.
  • To  provide a safe space for people to talk about multiple themes that are related to their mental wellbeing.
  • To discuss burnout, stress and mental pressure at work or outside


The Wellness Club, is an initiative of Evolution aimed at providing a secure and nurturing space for individuals while supporting their mental wellbeing. This program includes an awareness campaign that offers a diverse range of resources, workshops, events, groups, peer support and resources tailored for both educators and other individuals.

We aim to establish a nonjudgmental and empowering peer support group for individuals where they can discuss different themes related to mental health and wellbeing.

Group Rules:

  • Courtesy:
    Treat everyone with courtesy, respect and kindness.  You should create an environment of mutual trust.

  • Be An Active Listener.
    Avoid interrupting and respond thoughtfully. Active listening helps create a safe space where individuals feel heard and valued.

  • Listen To Each Other Kindly And Always Be Empathetic.
    Everyone’s feelings and point of views are valid. If you have any complaints or concerns, you can always let us know but do not argue, interfere or insult anyone.

  • Confidentiality:
    Every discussion should be confidential. Please do not share the names of any organization, students, and any other people or community. Do not share photos, screenshots of communication/lessons or personal information. We respect everyone’s privacy and keep your personal information private, safe and secure.

  • Irrelevant Content is Strictly Prohibited:
    Don’t mention or post about unrelated content. Please don’t name and discuss any particular religion, sect or political party. Don’t advertise your business products of personal initiatives in the club.

  • Non-Judgmental And Accepting Space:
    Create a non-judgmental and accepting atmosphere. The purpose of the group is to provide support. Negative or judgmental comments are not helpful or appropriate.

  • Do Not Attempt To Diagnose OR Prescribe Medical Treatment:
    Do not provide a professional advice to your peers. The club is not a place for offering professional advice or therapy. The peers are supposed to meet, discuss and listen to each other. They can practice exercises and activities. However, there shouldn’t be any attempt to diagnose or prescribe treatment for your peers.

  • Follow Instructions Of Your Moderators:
    Listen to the moderator’s instructions and give time to every peer to speak.

  • Practice Constructive Feedback:
    Peers should give constructive feedback when appropriate

  • Be Mindful Of What You Speak OR Share:
    Be mindful of what you express while expressing sensitive topics. Provide trigger warnings if you plan to discuss a distressing content.

  • Avoid Sharing False Information:
    Don’t spread any false and misleading information about anyone or any organization.

  • Violation Of #TWC Rules May Leads To Disqualification Or Blocking:
    We kindly inform you that in case of violating the rules above repeatedly, we reserve the right to disqualify or block you from our forum.