E-Teacher Mentorship Program

With an aim to provide mentorship to English language teachers to smoothly transition to online teaching, E-Teacher Plus for Pakistan is pleased to launch ‘E-Teacher Mentorship Program’.

How will the E-Teacher Mentorship program work?

The mentorship program will connect E-Teacher alumni who have completed training on effectively using technology in English language classrooms to teachers who are facing challenges in using technology for teaching and learning.

Who will provide mentorship?

E-Teacher mentors are E-Teacher alumni with a variety of expertise about digital tools and virtual classrooms.  These alumni have completed to American English Global Online Courses, Massive Open Online Courses or American English Webinar series related educational technology courses.  If you are facing difficulty using technology for teaching and learning, please fill the form below. We will connect you to the relevant mentors.

Matching mechanism for the mentors and mentees will be as follows:

  • Based on preference of the mentee, 2-3 mediums to be offered for ease of access.

  • Suggested Mediums: WhatsApp , Facebook group , Zoom, Google classroom and emails.

  • Mentees and Mentors will be connected and closely monitored by Evolution.

If you need support in transitioning to teaching online, apply as a MENTEE at https://forms.gle/wefNuGcQ9Uc2qFeR6

If you have questions, write to us at mentorship@evolution.com.pk

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