E-Teacher Alumni Conference

Evolution, in collaboration with the Regional English Language Office (RELO) at the U.S. Embassy, Islamabad is pleased to announce the E-Teacher Alumni Conference from May 9 – 12, 2018 in Islamabad.

The conference will provide the alumni an opportunity to:

  • Attend 60+ sessions conducted by E-Teacher alumni and American Specialists
  • Present to share their best teaching practices and learning from E-Teacher courses
  • Strengthen the local and global educational community by networking with English language professionals from across Pakistan and American Specialists
  • Develop tolerance and respect for differences by interacting with American Specialists and participants from different regions of Pakistan belonging to diverse backgrounds, creed and culture.
  • Celebrate cultural diversity by showcasing American and Pakistani culture during a cultural evening.
  • Explore the beauty of Islamabad with like-minded people during a city tour.
  • Apply for a potential fully-funded opportunity to present at U.S. Regional TESOL Conference in Fall 2018.

Evolution will cover the cost of two-way travel from your city of residence to the conference venue, accommodation and meals to enable 50 alumni present and participate in the conference in Islamabad.

Call for Proposals

E-Teacher alumni (from all batches) of the Regional English Language Office (RELO) Pakistan are invited to submit proposals for a 30-minute informal ‘action research’ presentation (including Q&A) to share their online course learning and how the learning was integrated in their own English language classrooms.

Proposal submission deadline is 5 pm Pakistan Standard Time on Sunday, March 25, 2018. Selected proposals will be announced in the first week of April 2018.

All proposals must be submitted online: ‘Click Here

Type of Presentation:  Informal Action-Research

The 25 minute presentation should encompass what you are doing in your English language classroom based on what you learned from your E-Teacher courses. We recommend you to focus on 3-4 most prominent features of your classroom teaching informed by the e-teacher course, use audio-visual aids to illustrate your classroom practice, and incorporate interaction/discussion to engage the audience.  Untitled-12


You can download the selection criteria and rubric here: ‘Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is eligible to apply for this opportunity?

A: Alumni of 8-10 week E-Teacher courses are eligible to apply. MOOC and webinar alumni are ineligible for this opportunity. Participants who are currently enrolled in E-Teacher courses are also ineligible.


Q. Can I submit more than one proposal?

A. Each alumni can submit only one proposal.


Q. What resources will be provided to the presenter to present?

A. Each presentation room will be equipped with a multimedia projection connected to a laptop, sound system and internet connectivity. Evolution will bear the cost of handouts that you wish to use in your presentation. Each room will have a volunteer to help the presenter with logistics including handout distribution, operating presentation on laptop and other support.


Q. How many participants will be attending my presentation?

A. You will have 25 participants as your audience.


Q. Can I just present at the conference and not attend the 4-day program?

A. All 50 participants will be presenting and attending the entire conference. The conference will have 50 presentations, one by each attendee. You must attend all conference activities.


Q. Can I bring a member from my family along to Islamabad?

A. Evolution will not provide accommodation, meals, or travel reimbursement for anyone accompanying the conference participants. If you must come with someone, they will need to arrange accommodation, meals, travel, and they will not be allowed at the conference.


Questions? Contact us: eteacher@evolution.com.pk / +92 300 2008575

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