Glimpses - English Language Acquisition Program

The general goal of the Access Program in terms of language competence is to help students with a minimal knowledge of English develop fluency and communication strategies in English through meaningful interaction, cooperative learning strategies, and age and interest-appropriate activities. The Access Program seeks to expose students to the target language in real contexts to prepare students for effective communication with native and non-native speakers of English. The Evolution Access program provides the students a unique learning environment comprising of interactive and innovative learner-centered activities. American Headway Series, a complete set of course books, workbooks, CDs and teacher’s guide, serves as the primary course outline throughout the program. The entire pack provides the students an opportunity to learn the target language through broad social-cultural perspective with stories from English-speaking countries mainly USA.

Besides using American Headway series in the Access classrooms, the teachers have been bringing in a wide range of other teaching and learning resources mainly using American English website (amercianenglish.state.gov). These activities enable students to practice their English language skills and at the same time become tolerant by gaining appreciation towards U.S. culture, traditions and lifestyle. Furthermore, a variety of audio-visual resources are used in Access classrooms to ensure experiential teaching and learning environment. While the core course book gives students a unique learning experience, the usage of multimedia resources adds a whole new dimension to the enriching experience. A wide range of English movies including ‘The Toy Story’, ‘Up’ and ‘Ice Age’ are shown to the students to help them learn English in meaningful context. It also enables them to learn and practice pronunciation, intonation and new lexical items. The movie watch is followed by different activities to enhance the students’ comprehension and analytical skills.


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