In the world of globalization, technology revolution and liberalization, frequent training of employees has become an essential part of the corporate sectors. Evolution is pleased to offer a wide range of courses explicitly designed to enhance the competence, aptitude and productivity of the personnel. The following are the genres of courses offered that can be customized as per the organizational needs:

1. English Language Proficiency Development

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has been rapidly promoted with an aim to enable people to learn English in their professional context. The course exclusively focuses on enhancing the English language skills of professionals in real-life context as per their professional needs. The duration of the course is determined after need analysis of the group of employees by Evolution specialists.

2. Leadership

Being an effective leader has become an essential characteristic of managers to enable them lead the team towards success. Hence, the enhancement of leadership skills is necessary to build a suitable environment for increasing efficacy and effectiveness of organization and its employees. The core topics offered under this banner are; Business Ethics and Leadership, Corporate Governance and Effective Leadership, From Followers to Leaders, Leader As Coach, Mastering Emotions for Leaders, Conflict Resolution, Crisis Management.

3. General Management

The program aims to target different concepts of managing the organization. With special focus and customized workshops on: Enhancing Negotiation Skills, , Building Effectiveness of Teams, Developing Critical Thinking, Developing Decision Making, , Maintaining Work-Life Balance, Mastering Managing Skills, Developing Problem Solving Skills, Stress Management, Time Management and Effective Communication Skills.