Computer Instructions Program

Integration of computer literacy is among the main components of the Evolution Access program being implemented in Karachi, Tharushah and Kandiaro. Throughout the two year program, the students were engaged in a wide range of computer literacy activities. The students were engaged in different sessions that enabled them to make their email addresses and get acquainted to social media forums including Facebook and Twitter. The sessions also enabled the student to understand the positive usage of social media and its limitations. In addition to that, students were also introduced to www.AmericanEnglish.state.gov and Voice of America. Students in groups spent time to explore the wonderful resources on the website.

Additionally, Access program also provides students with opportunities to interact with people from different cities and countries to strengthen communities. To achieve the same, Access students of Kandiaro and Tharushah got connected through Skype to share their Access experiences with each other. The students were found to be extremely enthusiastic and excited to make new Access friends. They shared their classrooms activities including jazz chants and energizers with the each other. They also shared how they celebrated different UN days at their respective Access centers.

Access students and teacher also got a chance to have a Skype session with the Access students from Tajikistan with cooperation of Mr. William Wolf (an Access teacher). Students as well as teachers interacted with each other via Skype and shared each other’s culture, traditions, Access opportunities likes and dislikes, hobbies, flag and more information.

Access student Shehla Rasool said “It was my first chance to communicate through Skype”.

Access Student Aiman quoted “It was a wonderful experience of life to talk the students from another country, I am feeling proud to talk to them”.

A group of students attended a two day workshop on ‘My City My Story’ by Morongo Films in Karachi.

The students later conducted sessions at their centers to introduce ‘My City My Story’ to their Access friends. They guided the students about developing story board and using digital tools to raise their voices. One of the groups also got a chance of creating a video on the theme of charity.

Moreover, students were also introduced to Trace Effects, an interactive language learning video game developed by the U.S. Department of State. The USA and Pakistani version of Trace was introduced to the students. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as they practiced their English language skills in 3D multimedia environment. The game, in general, enabled the students to practice their English language, team working and cognitive skills. Moreover, the students also got an opportunity to explore American and Pakistani culture through the game.

Furthermore, the students created digital stories to raise voice against social issues, specifically violence against women. The making of digital stories empowered students to be confident script writers, communicators, collaborators and presenters. Besides gaining these essential 21st-century literacy skills, the activity enabled the students to understand the social problems deeply and think of possible solutions. Links of the digital stories are as follows:




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